Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jelly Beans

It was a hot sweaty night. My friends and I went to Jelly Beans to have some fun. When I got there they were already skating but they came up and helped me get on my skates. When I got on the rink I was doing OK. My friend Carolina kept on telling me to go faster but I refused because I was worried I might not be able to stop myself!``After awhile, I got the hang of it but then when I put out my arms to balance myself from falling a boy went right under my arm and made me fall. Jamie and Brooke came swooping down from the other side scaring me to death and almost making me fall but luckily I didn't. My other friends Tyler and Steven came with three balls from the basketball game and threw them in the rink and got in trouble! After that we got back on the rink and started to skate some more and after 3 hours went by we went home. I hope I can go back to Jelly Beans again next Friday night! Yipee...

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