Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning I ran downstairs as fast as I could.When I got downstaires I went to wake up my mom and dad and as I walked in I noticed a huge "40" t.v beside there bed. My dad ran in when I found the t.v. He started to jump up and down with my little sister in his arms. My grandparents stayed for the night so we had to wait for them to come inside from our camper. Jackson, Ethan, Ella, and I went to our spots where our presents where, and my mom's
camera wouldn't work so she only hot two or three pictures of us. All of us where so exited when we where opening our presents. I picked up a timy present that was sorta heavy to open. When I was opening it I screamed because it was a ipod touch. Wait I had another tiny present that was heavy and it was my very own cellphone! I couldn't believe it because I thought I was not going to get one! My grandparents gave the whole family presents. I got my Mickey and Minnie blanket that I wanted from my mom's and dad's store "Carolina Moon" and the a blanket that my nana crocheted all by herself! Now I can't wait for next Christmas to see what else I will get.